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Date: 2019-07-28 Time: 19:31:53 GMT

Occupational therapy
You may have seen or heard of this somewhere, perhaps this may be the first time you are coming across this, and definitely lots of questions might be running through your mind.
You probably may be asking,
what is Occupational Therapy?
What do Occupational therapist do?
Do they give jobs?
Aaah well... But what exactly do they do?
But then again, one may ask, what do we mean by Occupation? To many of us, Occupation=job, period!. But I'm sorry, to the Occupational therapist this definition has a disability, it is seriously handicapped.

By Occupation, we mean everything you do to occupy your time right from the time you wake up till you go back to bed. From the above explanation, you would now agree with me that your initial understanding of Occupation was handicapped 😄.

Occupation comes in 3 main categories;
• Productive activities
• Self-care activities
• Leisure activities
By this we realize that our understanding of Occupation as a job falls under one category which is productive activities. So the work one does to earn a living, brushing the teeth, eating, wearing a shirt, reading a book, writing, all can be termed Occupation simply because each falls under one of the categories mentioned earlier.

So the philosophical basis of Occupational therapy is Occupation. Occupational therapists believe that Humans are Occupational beings and so there is a need to put things in place to enable every individual irrespective of your status, health or condition, or even a disability you live with. But before you tell me you are not an occupational being, may I remind you that even sleep is an Occupation.
It is now evident that Occupation is something one cannot live without. As humans, we do whatever we do because we have to, want to or need to do. And see o what we do is definitely meaningful or purposeful to us. It can be very disheartening, when one is not able to engage in something that

But when you have an occupational therapist this barrier will definitely be kicked off. So the Occupational therapist would assess the individual find out what you should be able to do in your reaching that goal, and then help one bridge that gap or remove those barriers to enhance your Occupational performance.
Occupational therapists work with people of all ages and all forms of disabilities. Once there is something limiting your ability to engage in an occupation, you would want to speak to an Occupational therapist. Hope this gives you an idea of what Occupational therapy is. Thank you for your time.

Margaret Needham Gyawu is my name,
do find me on Instagram/Twitter as ot_needham

Thank You!

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