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Date: 2019-08-28 Time: 20:36:22 GMT

The National Health Students Association of Ghana under the leadership of His Excellency Franklin Nyanzu threatens to leave the National Union of Ghana (NUGS) if corrective measures are not put in place to restore the current division in the Union.
This followed series of issues which emanated from the recent Unity Central Committee Meeting.
A new constitution was successfully drafted after much considerations and inputs.

This new constitution with new articles and clauses would encompass all Tertiary institutions -both private and public- as well as the Nursing Training Colleges, Colleges of Health (Kintampo and Yamfo) and Public Health Institutions into the Union. This effected change would grant all students from these institutions due benefits as members of the Union.
However, the Unity CC meeting could not satisfy it's mandate and purpose of passing out the Constitution and hence unifying the Union across all students front.

NUGS, in principle, should have served as the Ghanaian student ‘Ombudsman’ - ‘protector or defender of all students rights’ but has over the years resorted to the sidelining and discrimination of some tertiary institutions from the association without any justifiable reason.
Admittedly, this is an act the new Constitution(drafted) seeks to correct; yet this is a constitution that has remained inactive after drafting with leadership of both factions doing nothing about it.

Apparently, we at NAHSAG understand that being the target of discrimination can stir up a lot of strong emotions including anger, sadness and exclusion crisis. This could further expand the divide that has existed over the years and has proven exceedingly difficult to bridge.
As a mother association and a bloc of NUGS emcompassing all health institutions, we would not sit unconcerned as some of our constituents are being unfairly discriminated.

As a result, NAHSAG cannot be a part of a divided front especially when members of our institutions are denied fair representation in NUGS.
This legal disparity and discrimination is unfair and unwarrented and denies members from any benefits that NUGS seeks to provide.

This is therefore against the essence of NUGS, which should encompass all Tertiary schools in the country and promote equity.

We would therefore like to state categorically that; NAHSAG would not partake in the activities of NUGS until the Constitution is passed and fairness, equity and sanity is restored in NUGS.

Prince Danso Tenakwah
General Secretary
Franklin Nyanzu

Thank You!

NAHSAG: United for Health