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Date Created: 19-Mar-2020 Time Created: 09:26 Last Updated: 0000-00-00 00:00:00

In the light of the recent confirmed cases in Ghana and the subsequent safety precautions statement by the Ghana Health Service, we as NAHSAG recommend these to the Ghana Health Service to be considered with immediate effect:

  • Reinforce the ban on all foreign flights into Ghana. In addition to the ban on all Ghanaians from flying out, all external flights must also fall under same treatment. “No in, No out”. Our dear country should be on a lock down just as Italy, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic and the United States etc.
  • Extension/postponement or ban on all public gatherings of every nature for at least 1 month. This includes Parliamentary sittings, since it surpasses the at most 100 safe people gathering number. (Canadian Parliament has voted to shut down for at least 5 weeks). The United Kingdom, United States and Iceland etc. have already effected the public ban measure.
  • There should be random Covid-19 public screening to beef up early detection, control and limit cases of transmission.
  • All educational institutions especially in urban areas must go on recess indefinitely. (Rwanda, Syria, Pakistan and France have taken lead on this)
  • All transport companies must ensure vehicles are not overcrowded. The security services should clamp down all vehicles with illegal extra seats and standing passengers in over loaded buses.
  • Ghana Health Service in partnership with Ghana Tourism Authority must ensure Restaurants and hospitality services restrict the provision of certain services that encourage contact e.g. (Shisha sessions, massages, night clubbing etc.) (Syria has taken this lead)
  • Impending 2020 census should be officially called off. This will give Ghana both an international and internal outlook of going extra to protect its citizens. (Saudi Arabia is in the news for same reason)
  • Government should prepare to readily put in more investment into equipping health centers. (EU is conscious of this regard to set up a $41 million investment fund)

These have become necessary since Europe has been described by the World Health Organization as now epicenter of the virus. Our elders say “Mframa fa bo? a, na apakyie ada ne ho so”; If the wind takes a stone, the gourd takes precautions.

We write this with utmost hope and trust in our Health Ministry in considering the above headlined. 

All NAHSAG members across the country should consider our recommendations above as supplementary and the need to still adhere to the already circulating Ghana Health Service safety protocols. 

NAHSAG looks forward to a timely response to our collective input. Godspeed!


Moses Bondong 

NAHSAG President 

Thank You!

NAHSAG: United for Health