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Date Created: 20-Mar-2020 Time Created: 13:10 Last Updated: 2020-03-20 14:05:46

The National Health Students Association of Ghana (NAHSAG) has observed with complete shock and must register our displeasure about the following;


  1.  Reckless decision of the National Identification Authority (NIA) to continue with the mass registration in the Eastern Region. The public safety and health of the Ghanaian people must be the utmost priority of government. The continuous act of NIA is shooting ourselves in the foot as a nation in light of the increasing numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases. This act is further in contrary to the mass gathering directive by the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo which even surprises us more because NIA should be in tandem with the directives of the President. As Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has indicated, the continuation of this exercise serves as a conduit for the spread of the virus and must be aborted immediately.


  1.  Free and open border entry protocols. We are lost at sea how our country’s borders are still open and not so properly regulated in light of the recent happenings. If Nigeria could totally shut down their borders to encourage the consumption of their local materials, why is it taking Ghana long to close our borders to all entry on an even more critical issue such as curtailing the entry of COVID-19? Whilst we have clearly congratulated the government on its initial steps in our previous statements, our confirmed cases must not be sky rocketing before we close down all our borders as containment measures. Ghana must be on a lockdown; No exit, no entry for at least four (4) weeks.


  1. The continued activities of market centers. We call on government to consider the suspension of market activities especially in urban areas. Huge number of people go through our markets every day and that can be an avenue for a catastrophic spread of the virus. We must act now to stop the spread of the virus. We like to remind the government that, “If we see a stick that will injure us, we cut it, we don’t sharpen its end”.


We demand the immediate halt of the NIA exercise in the Eastern Region, closure of all our Ghanaian borders and the suspension of market activities for, “Had I known, has no medicine”.


NAHSAG looks forward to a timely response.


Moses N. Bondong



Thank You!

NAHSAG: United for Health